The future is bright – we must invest in it

Photo of diverse young tech workers sat behind a desk in front of a laptop, out of focus

The pandemic has produced a raft of challenges for all of us, none more so than for young people whose stake in our economy has dwindled considerably. The under 35s have accounted for 88% of job losses. The percentage of graduates who secured jobs out of university last year plummeted from the usual 60% to just 18%. Young people have so much to offer yet have been undervalued and let down.

At Digital Futures, we are putting our faith in the future. We are proud to be helping young people meet these unprecedented challenges by reimagining the way they access employment. Across our programmes in software engineering, data science and cloud engineering, we are committed to training, inspiring and motivating the next generation of tech workers by enhancing their digital skills and giving them the experience that will enable them to start successful careers.

We have worked hard to ensure that our applicants notice a difference with Digital Futures. From their initial application and beyond, we care about their journey. Candidates are selected by technology professionals, not by algorithms. Our application process is personal, engaging and designed to allow exceptional individuals to stand out from the crowd.

Furthermore, we know that for young people just starting their careers, there is a considerable adjustment to be made; one that cannot be made without significant support. Therefore, through our engagement management framework, our engineers receive the support and encouragement that they each need to succeed through our ongoing training, development, and mentoring with a clear focus on both their professional and personal growth.

As we have progressed on our journey at Digital Futures, it has become clear to me that we do not need to worry about how much talent there is out there. The talent exists in abundance. Young people are the future – they are one of the most remarkable tools at our disposal. It is our job to invest in them and ensure that their careers, our industry, and our economy continues to prosper.