Creating opportunities for success at Digital Futures

Ed Wright

To have a chance to succeed at anything, you generally need three things: ability, application and opportunity.

Two of those things are about the individual. The third is, perhaps, the most difficult to come by. That’s where Digital Futures steps in. The opportunity to join Digital Futures was too good to pass on. I’m passionate about education and life-long learning, having been a high school and sixth form teacher before transitioning to teach apprenticeships and train professionals in software development.

My role at Digital Futures will enable me to continue to provide technical training with the extra dimension of coaching and mentoring new entrants to the world of tech. The fact that these people will have been carefully selected from a process that is designed to encourage diversity and inclusion in this sector, makes it a most appealing environment to work in.

Over my career I have delivered and seen a lot of teaching, training and learning. The most important thing I’ve found is that no matter the audience, learning needs to be engaging and fun. That’s down to whoever is designing and facilitating the learning. My drive is to help create an inclusive, accessible and effective learning journey for those who enter the Digital Futures Academy programme.

After their graduation, I hope to be able to provide the right support, coaching and mentoring for our Academy graduates in their industry roles to help give them the best opportunity to succeed in their digital futures.