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Blair Young

Blair Young

Academy Engagement Manager

Blair holds a hybrid role at Digital Futures as both Data Science Instructor and Engagement Manager. This role helps create and mentor the next generation of data science talent.

Blair has worked across numerous sectors including finance, post-production, travel, advertising, and education. Throughout this time he noticed the need for improving data literacy across industry.

Combining statistical rigour with industry knowledge, Blair teaches through realistic application. This gives students a firm understanding that the world isn’t a sterile environment and things don’t necessarily go as planned – giving students a grounded, pragmatic approach to solving real-world problems.

Blair’s drive comes from the importance of neurodiversity in the classroom and workplace. Everyone learns and thinks differently – following this concept allows problems to be approached from a variety of different angles.

Outside of Digital Futures, Blair writes and plays music in a heavy metal band.

“Create material that truly speaks to each of your students”

Blair Young, Academy Engagement Manager

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