Bridging the gap between education and industry at Digital Futures

Blair Young

Having started my own data science career through self-guided learning and cutting my teeth on every online data science course I could find, the chance to work with, teach, and mentor the next generation of data scientists with Digital Futures was too good an opportunity to turn down.

Throughout my career I have worked across a wide set of industries including finance, post-production, travel, advertising, and education. I focused heavily on driving impact from data, and whilst doing so, noticed the need for improving data literacy across industry, which served as the catalyst for me exploring the teaching-side of data science

My teaching style combines statistical rigour with industry knowledge. I firmly believe that teaching through realistic application gives my students the firm understanding that the world isn’t a sterile environment and things don’t necessarily go as planned; in turn giving them a grounded and pragmatic approach to solving real-world problems. This marries perfectly with the ethos of Digital Futures, where our data scientists complete their training prepared for the dynamism of the workplace. 

Driven by the importance of diversity and the challenges associated with an ever-increasing skills gap across the UK, I leapt at the chance to join Digital Futures. Regrettably, the education system has historically been a cookie cutter environment which has emphasised recall rather than application – an outdated method of teaching that has allowed people to slip through the cracks. 

At Digital Futures we recognise that each and every person learns differently – understanding this and tailoring content allows our learning journey to truly speak to and inspire each student. My role at Digital Futures is to do just that – to bridge the gap between education and industry with a hybrid role of training instruction and engagement management. This exciting opportunity not only allows me to teach but also to mentor each of our data scientists as they begin their careers in tech.