Why I joined Digital Futures – Sean Zimdahl

Photo banner of Sean Zimdahl, Executive Chairman, Digital Futures

I am excited to announce that I have joined Digital Futures in the role of Executive Chairman.

Having spent my career working with incredible people in the human capital sector, I was drawn to Digital Futures’ mission – to create opportunity for young, talented individuals from all backgrounds looking for a path into the UK tech industry.

In my previous leadership roles, diversity and inclusion has been a topic that has always been on the agenda, but I know that the problem is far from being solved at a corporate level, and more often than not industry pays lip service to it rather than offering tangible solutions for those who are impacted the most. Tackling this challenge head on is one of our key priorities at Digital Futures – we are committed to moving the dial on diversity whilst creating sustainable long-term employment for talented but overlooked young people. First and foremost, Digital Futures is a purpose-driven business, and keeping our mission at the heart of everything we do is how I believe we can start to unpick this complex but important problem. Being part of the solution, making a difference and leaving a legacy inspires me to continue to challenge the status quo.

I have observed throughout my career the unfortunate reality that a lot of talent gets overlooked by traditional recruiting and selection processes, with the increased use of automation and AI contributing to the persistence of inherent biases and the exclusion of individuals from non-traditional backgrounds. We will work in partnership with all our stakeholders from the outset, ensuring that our business truly reflects the diverse nature of the world we live in, to ensure every trainee, employee, client and industry partner has an inclusive experience, which we are striving to create at Digital Futures.

Together we will not stop pursuing this dream to leave our mark in creating opportunity for those that need it the most and bringing greater diversity into the UK tech industry.