Welcome to our first Data Science cohort!

Photo of diverse group of young adults walking together in the street

When Digital Futures started the search process for our inaugural cohort of future data scientists we were expecting to talk to some good candidates, and we were hoping to talk to some fantastic ones. We were in fact amazed by so many exceptional candidates – with outstanding ambition, curiosity, aptitude and commitment.

Today, 22 of those top individuals have come together to form the Digital Futures Data Science inaugural cohort. After months of curriculum design, planning, and preparation it is finally time to begin delivering the twelve-week intensive data science journey.

Over the next 12 weeks this fantastic cohort will immerse themselves into learning how to be fantastic data scientists ready to make an impact and contribute from day one. We will cover best practice, how to write great code and how to understand and implement some brilliant data science models. Mostly importantly, we look at how they can continue to grow and develop throughout their professional careers.

In just one morning, our fantastic cohort are already bringing a diverse thought set and perspective, as well as a huge amount of energy. I am so excited to see the huge impact they are going to make on the organisations they work with and everything they will accomplish now and in the future.

Digital Futures’ purpose is to accelerate the transition to a skills-based economy whilst amplifying positive social change through digital transformation – we want the diversity of technology teams to represent society. We did not select for diversity. We selected for the best. It just so happens that the best was also a hugely diverse and fantastic group of people.

So, a huge welcome to the Digital Futures inaugural Data Science cohort – we are so excited to be on this journey with you.