Engineer Story: Shivam Sheth

Like many others after I finished university, I didn’t know what to do next… I had spent my whole life, in some capacity, studying and was unsure how to transition into the world of work. 

I am now a Digital Futures graduate deployed as a Live Service Data Engineer in a large public sector department.  

I entered university with a passion for solving analytical problems but little idea how to convert my mathematics degree into a career that I would enjoy. I knew I wanted to my line of work to be mentally stimulating and to have an impact on real people. After some soul searching, I decided to give a career in tech a try – I had limited experience in code but could see myself enjoying the challenges it presented.  

I forget how I heard about Digital Futures (it was probably on the university careers board), but a job there seemed like the perfect destination for someone like me. I needed the chance to learn the technical skills required to work in technology and experience what it is like working on engineering projects. I left my interview with a positive impression of the organisation, the company seemed professional, and the individuals seemed compassionate. Fortunately, they also liked me so a few weeks later I joined the Academy. I learnt how to use new software languages (e.g. JavaScript and Java), data tools (e.g. SQL, Talend) and how to work with cloud infrastructure technology (e.g. AWS). To reinforce the learning process the Academy had us work on multiple group projects. These projects were a great opportunity to learn how to work in an agile environment and deploy the range of tools used by modern DevOps teams.  

When moving client side there was a lot of support from Digital Futures. The Engagement Team met with me multiple times to make sure I was settling in and that I was developing professionally. I am glad I’ve ended up in a live service role, I think it suits me really well. The cross-disciplinary nature of the job allows me to apply the software, data and cloud architectural skills I learnt in the Academy and to improve them. I get a lot of joy out of the variety of work I do – no two projects are ever that similar and I am always being forced to learn and improve. The team I work in is relatively small but we are responsible for an incomprehensibly large Data Warehouse (think Petabytes!). The attention I was given in my starting weeks and months helped me to feel comfortable navigating this system. The work I do in the public sector has a positive impact on the whole country and is something I can take pride in!  

The decision to start a career in tech has been wonderful for me; I am learning new skills every day and solving interesting problems. It has met all my expectations of work and has me excited to start each day!