Engineer Story: Roseanne Smith

Roseanne Smith, Data Scientist

Not six months had passed since completing university and the UK entered its first lockdown. I returned home from my current internship and as time went by, I understood I would not be in a position to take up the job I had secured abroad. I decided to explore other options.

Working from home had become the norm for a lot of people over the following year or so and made everyone realise how much they depend on technology. With this in mind, I searched for graduate roles incorporating this, in addition to the mathematics of my undergraduate degree. I was excited when I found Digital Futures. Unlike many ‘entry-level’ career opportunities, they provide computational coaching before you commence full-time employment.

From the initial application I could sense this was a company with a strong set of values, that cares about inclusivity. I passed the subsequent competency test and was invited to interview – the final stage of assessment. I spent half an hour on a call with a member of the team, and at the end was able to ask my own questions to them, plus an alumnus of the previous cohort. Gaining insight from someone who had succeeded at the Data Science pathway was valuable and meant when I was later offered a place, following my application, I immediately accepted.

Digital Futures communicated throughout the process and there was even chance to learn a little about who we would be training alongside for the next twelve weeks. One thing I was not prepared for, however, when I logged on the first morning, was the passion that exudes from all involved. Our instructor does not only excel at the technical aspects but also at engaging interest in a variety of teaching methods; for example group projects or interactive coding sessions. Furthermore, we are educated in professional and personal skills to ensure we are equipped to thrive in an industry environment.

Following my initial training, I completed an extensive client-specific upskilling programme, allowing me to start my placement as a data engineer at a multinational information technology services and consulting company. I was excited to join this company because of their esteemed reputation in addition to their cultures and values. It has been extremely useful to apply the theory I had learnt to the real world such as the Agile scrum methodology in daily meetings. I am eager to continue learning in the team whilst improving my SQL and Git knowledge.

I already feel I have achieved considerable amounts since applying to Digital Futures, through the Academy and on placement. I am enthusiastic to continue progressing and applying my knowledge in industry as I solve real-world problems and make a positive impact.