Engineer Story: Christopher West

Before Digital Futures I was a Sports graduate from the University of Portsmouth and found myself unemployed looking for a way to get into the tech industry. Although I had always planned to work in tech from a young age, I chose to explore sports at the university level. However, during the Covid period I rediscovered my passion for tech, and this was the catalyst that pushed me to find a way into the industry.

I battled back and forth deciding where I would fit in best and have a successful career. Having had some exposure to coding before and knowing I had the strengths to develop into a successful engineer I decided to dive into it.

Initially, the job search felt impossible. Seeing adverts for placements that required either years of experience or relevant education, I felt it would be impossible to land a role as someone that had neither. Knowing I could do the job but not having anything relevant on paper meant it was a frustrating process. Especially having to compete against people that had been developing a wealth of experience and adding countless qualifications to their CV’s. I started wondering if I’d ever get the chance to demonstrate my skills. Luckily, I stumbled across an advert for Digital Futures during my job search, which initially I thought was too good to be true. The application process was refreshing, answering questions unrelated to my CV and more tailored to my personality and abilities I felt I could finally be given an opportunity to demonstrate who I was and what I could do.

The Academy was intense, yet extremely rewarding. Given the brief period we were together training towards a placement, I learnt so much in terms of technical skills and developed massively as a developer. But where Digital Futures excels in comparison the competition is how much emphasis has been put in to developing us as professionals and ensuring we were both technically and professionally ready to venture into the workplace. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working within the academy and that’s a huge credit to the staff but also the people I was experiencing the Academy with. You meet a great deal of people from all over that have different stories, each with the same goal in mind. This was a large part of why I resonated with Digital Futures and their mission to generate a new workforce filled with diversity.

Post-Academy I’m currently working as a Back-End Python Developer at one of Digital Futures clients, where I work on automating processes for network devices. Day-to-day, I’m generally either making a new API that communicates with a network device to either retrieve, update, or configure information or resolving a bug for an existing one. It’s been a challenging but exciting experience contributing within a such a large organisation. I’ve learned a lot as a developer and professional, and I’m also grateful for the opportunity to experience London’s vibrant social scene and meet diverse individuals as a part of my job.

But all of this is really credit to Digital Futures. You feel as if there’s a sense of belonging within the team but also within the role. I hope to be a great ambassador for the company moving forward, where I will continue to develop myself technically, professionally, and personally. I hope to take everything with me moving forward and reach the heights of a very successful career within the tech industry!