Engineer Story: Catriona McGlynn

“Congratulations on achieving this significant milestone in graduating as a Data Scientist from the Digital Futures Academy.”

I felt proud receiving my Certificate of Graduation from the Digital Futures Academy. It represented the knowledge, skills, and confidence I’d gained throughout my training with Digital Futures. The 12 weeks of immersive training at Digital Futures have opened opportunities for me. It made visible and accessible a technological world. It gave me a foundational knowledge of data science and the means to grow it. I’d become part of a community where we could share learning resources, data and technology news and events, and questions. I was excited to take the next step in my data journey. Therefore, when I was contacted about a Digital Futures client opportunity, I was eager to find out more.

As I was being briefed on the opportunity, I discovered that the client in question is one of the largest global professional services companies, focussed on IoT, AI, software engineering, and cloud. To ensure I was well equipped for the placement, I was informed there would be client-specific skills and technologies for me to upskill in. This would be training that Digital Futures would facilitate and support me through. Having enjoyed my initial training period, I was looking forward to building on that knowledge. It was comforting to know that I would be entering this role with the appropriate skills to be able to make the most impact.

Seven months have now whizzed by since I started my placement as a data engineer. It’s been an exciting experience to see how a data team functions first hand, and to be able to play a meaningful part in it. In my current project, I get to be involved with data virtualisation and creating an API. I’ve especially enjoyed the insight I’ve had into the technical architecture of the project. Thanks to the team here at Digital Futures, I felt like I was set up for success. The collaboration between Digital Futures and the client partner has provided me with a strong support network in helping me to achieve my goals. With these strong foundations in place, I look forward to developing my skills as an engineer and to continue learning in my current role.