Women do belong in tech: let’s change the narrative

Photo of Lisa Carpenter

Women don’t belong. This has become the dominant narrative around the tech industry. We believe that this is a narrative that could not be more wrong.

An inaccurate portrayal of the tech industry as male-centric will only discourage more women from wanting to become a part of it. Continually perpetuating the notion that the tech industry is a “boy’s club” in which women do not belong does not create a particularly attractive advert for women to start their careers in tech.

The reality is that women do belong in tech. We need to work harder to demonstrate that.

It is certainly true that the tech industry, like most other industries, has been guilty of a lack of respect or accommodation of women in the past. However, it is also true that the tech industry has improved considerably and continues to do so. A changing culture, characterised by the provision of the opportunity for open and honest discussion, compassion, and a better work-life balance is producing a positive and productive working environment for all.

At Digital Futures, our mission is to help build an industry that is reflective of society. Supporting women in their technology careers is major part of this goal. As part of this pledge, we are ensuring that women are always included, that their voices are heard and that they are never undervalued. As our software engineers and data scientists head out on their industry placements with our partners, we provide unparalleled ongoing pastoral care to ensure that they continue to feel supported and comfortable in their roles.

Significant strides have been made towards gender equality in the tech industry. It would be disingenuous to suggest that the situation is perfect. But equally, it is important to change the current narrative.

We need to convey that the tech industry has evolved into a positive working environment for women. It is a place where women will learn, thrive, and succeed in their careers. Yes, there is more work to be done. But fundamentally, the tech industry has progressed significantly so that women belong far more than they ever have before. And that is something we should celebrate.