Transferring my data skills from banking to insurance

Taking the decision to transition into a new industry is a significant turning point in my career path, which has been of great benefit in forming a scopious experience of working in a data role. From querying big data in SQL, to effectively communicating highly technical concepts to non-technical business stakeholders; my broadening experience is building my agility to apply my existing skillset across diverse and unfamiliar scenario contexts. My experience has highlighted the importance of transferable skills; emphasising the value of identifying your current strengths and using that to propel you in new spaces; as well as embracing the changes that open new ways to engage your curiosity and opportunities targeting specific areas you want to advance.

I’m enjoying the new challenges of insurance, that have introduced me to new niches of knowledge, specialised techniques and applications of the data principles embedded throughout the academy training and continuous development training.

Working across multiple industries is providing me the means to build and add new layers of dimensionality to my experience. Strengthening and expanding my technical and professional abilities, as I work with new tools and collaborate with new teams, my proficiency to execute data driven solutions that deliver on business value is growing with a wider understanding from my broadening experience.

Communicating with the Digital Futures Engagement Team was particularly integral to not only sourcing the right placement opportunity to transition into, but also supporting my preparation to bridge and facilitate a smooth transit into a new industry.

I’ve leveraged my experience from banking, in a way that has accelerated my ability to progress and more readily navigate in a new role and environment with greater confidence. Despite the differences, there are core commonalities and practices that apply anywhere that being data driven is a value. I’ve learned that maintaining curiosity, growing resilience and involving yourself as a ‘hands-on’ problem solver, especially amidst ambiguity, are fundamental to working well and impactfully in data teams every industry.

The world of data and technology and is ever evolving, integrating, transforming and advancing the ways we all live and work. The demand for talented data practitioners is growing, as traditional industries such as banking and insurance look to data as the engine to elevate their output and impact. It’s rewarding to contribute to different data solution processes and outcomes, as I am unlocking new potential and discover new interests that fuel my growth. I strongly encourage having an open and willing mindset to consistently learn, both responsively to the demand, and to pioneer positive changes through innovation. Be excited to shape your career as one that is stimulating in knowledge, fulfilling in purpose and far-reaching in experience.