Creating sustainable career pathways in tech

Sydney Price

Starting in The City as an apprentice myself, I’ve experienced first-hand the value of having support outside of your team in the early stages of your career. It is a game changer. It allowed me to push myself, ask questions and have real business impact from day one. I am passionate about creating this opportunity for others as they embark on their careers in tech. 

At Digital Futures, we focus on just that – providing individuals the opportunity to start their careers in tech, with a particular commitment to improving diversity in the industry and supporting those from underrepresented areas of society. Throughout my career, I have advocated for diversity, inclusion, and social mobility. The opportunity to join Digital Futures as an Engagement Manager is therefore incredibly exciting because it is allowing me to pursue both my passions – creating opportunity for others and championing diversity and inclusion – all while working towards the ultimate goal: creating sustainable careers in tech. 

The engagement management framework that we have built at Digital Futures means that we will support and mentor our engineers throughout their training and industry placements, providing opportunities for continuous growth and development. Through a combination of professional skills development and management, we are creating an environment that allows people to perform at their very best and thrive as individuals. 

It is this that sets Digital Futures apart – we can work confidently in partnership with our clients to understand their needs and identify what our engineers need to fulfil them. Our emphasis on both technical and professional skills means we are uniquely positioned give our engineers a great head start. From additional training to clear expectation setting, we are here to set up our engineers for success. 

As an Engagement Manager at Digital Futures, I am proud and excited to be using my experience to  work towards my passion – creating sustainable career pathways in technology.