Why Digital Futures, why now?

Since launching Digital Futures, many have asked me about my motivations for doing so. 

For me, this is an easy question to answer, however, requires me to be open about my own upbringing, the challenges I’ve had to endure, and the mistakes I’ve made along the way. 

In my previous role, as CEO as Parker Fitzgerald, looking back it is very difficult to pinpoint the impact we made on society beyond building a business and creating employment opportunity for others. 

Watching my team grow and achieve their goals was an absolute privilege of life; and whilst I remain very proud of this, my vision and mission for Digital Futures is very different and extremely personal.

I lost my father unexpectedly when I was very young. Needless to say, the impact of this event was significant on every level. It propelled into a world that I was not prepared for, requiring me to step up and support my family in a way that I was not ready for.

Because of this, I was unable to finish University as I simply couldn’t find a way to make ends meet despite working two jobs whilst studying. I’ve carried around the shame of dropping out of University for my entire life, feeling like a constant outsider and in some ways less than those that have a degree.

In coming to the UK in 1998, I was fortunate enough to meet an individual that looked beyond my lack of qualifications and instead focused on my ambition, aptitude, and curiosity. Traits that, today, define our assessment process at Digital Futures with the objective of creating a fair, equal and unbiased opportunity for everyone.

Leila Janah, defines the imperative for Digital Futures in one simple sentence. Seven words that resonate with me enormously and drives all those involved in the Digital Futures project.

“Talent is equally distributed, opportunity is not”.

At Digital Futures, our intention is to do something about that, we want to change the game, make a difference, and provide opportunity for those who believe in something better. 

Ultimately, we will judge our success based on the opportunity we create for others.

For those individuals that know they’re capable of more, with the fire inside and desire to change their narrative we will support you.  

I’m a direct example of what can be achieved, far from a role model, but proof that’s is possible to break through.