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Steve Suarez

Non-Executive Director

Steve is a Non-Executive Director at Digital Futures, providing strategic advice to the executive leadership team on emerging technology, industry trends and the broader skills agenda ensuring Digital Futures remains at the forefront of innovation.

Prior to joining Digital Futures, Steve was the Global Head of Innovation, Global Functions at HSBC, responsible for shaping the banks approach to digital transformation and adoption of next generation technology to the support the bank’s customers and colleagues. He is currently CEO of Horizon Consulting and is an External Advisor to Bain & Company.

Over the course of his career, Steve has played a pivotal role executing many of the industry’s largest and most complex transformation programmes across the financial services and telecommunications sectors in response to board strategy, new financial regulation and operational efficiency objectives.

His dedication to innovation is matched by his commitment to continuous learning, evidenced by his academic history as an Alumnus of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard Business School.

“Innovation is about seeing the connections others overlook and daring to execute where others hesitate.”

Steve Suarez, Non-Executive Director

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