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Alex Caian

Alex Caian

Data Science Instructor

Alex is the Data Science Instructor at the Digital Futures Academy, with active involvement in content creation, delivering training and student support during and beyond the Academy training period.

Alex is proficient in the teaching of mathematical models and data pipelines, with a particular focus on topics such as natural language processing and generation, data warehousing and image processing.

Prior to Digital Futures, Alex studied Mathematics of Cybersecurity (MSc) at the University of Bristol, where he then worked as a Teaching Assistant for Logic, Mathematical Writing and other modules.

His main goal is to understand students’ needs on an individual level, and tailor their learning experience to ensure success both in the Academy as well as beyond, in their life as a data specialist. Alex’s interests include working on data science projects, martial arts and poetry.

“Teaching is just a way of continuously learning from each other”

Alex Caian, Data Science Instructor
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