Transforming myself into a software developer

Young woman typing on a laptop with floral stickers on the back

It’s been nearly four weeks since I started my training at Digital Futures – they’re transforming me into a software developer! And it’s quite a journey so far. I’ve been introduced to the basic tenets and methods of coding, familiarised myself with two new languages (Java and JavaScript, who differ much more than their names suggest), and met a host of inspiring, friendly people in my cohort and colleagues.

We’ve been moving fast – each week I take stock of where I’ve come and where I was at one week before, marvelling at the difference – it’s as if I’ve downloaded a great quantity of learning into my skull from a science-fiction tube of software knowledge.

Our daily peer group meetings have been helpful, checking in with my colleagues as to what we’ve learnt and where we feel we are; and the regular workshops and code-alongs are instructive and dynamic. There have definitely been moments when I’ve felt like the frequent stupid-question-asker. But being able to check with my peers and hear that, yes, they were wondering the exact same question in their head, helps to reassure me that I’m not going mad!

It’s been quite a while since my working life has fitted itself into a regular nine-til-five type schedule, and I’m finding it refreshing and motivating as a framework. With the winter months kicking down the door, it’s good to be up and about early, getting that brisk walk round the cemetery in, before settling down to the morning’s codings and learnings.

The company has a clear ethos to nurture us into the talented, valuable developers we all have the capacity and drive to be, and our line manager always takes the time to answer our questions, big, small or left-field, with attention and diligence.

In short, it’s been quite a ride so far, and I’m hungry for more!