Starting a career in cloud with no tech knowledge

Kabir Rajal, Cloud Engineer

Looking back on my life, I would never have envisioned having a career in cloud engineering. Before I joined Digital Futures, I graduated university with a philosophy degree and then went on to work as a personal assistant. With no clear direction as to what career I wanted to pursue, I felt stuck. Reading about how technology is constantly evolving and is prevalent in all industries of business, I decided I wanted to enter this world. However, I had no experience or tech knowledge.

Upon researching and looking for new opportunities in this industry, I came across Digital Futures. Reading about how inclusive the programme was, by allowing people with varying degrees of tech knowledge, encouraged me to apply. This was an amazing opportunity to gain new skills and provide me an insight to what had become my newfound interest.

Receiving the phone call that I had been given a place to join their first cloud engineering cohort felt like my journey had begun. I was filled with excitement as to what this course would entail. I remember my first day meeting my cohort peers as well as our mentor, and how diverse and inclusive it was. Fast forward seven weeks and I have already obtained my AWS Cloud Practitioner exam certificate and am currently working towards my AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam. This is something I never thought possible, but has given me the drive to succeed, not only at this stage but also throughout my career.

My experience so far at Digital Futures has been incredible! It feels like family alongside my peers. It has opened my eyes to new ways of thinking and creating solutions. The lessons are extremely efficient to ensure that, as a cohort, we gain much knowledge and experience before we enter professional work placements. The course is made all the more engaging when we are able to work within small groups and put what we’ve learned into practice.

This overall experience has given me the drive and the confidence that I will become a successful cloud engineer. Regardless of whether you have prior tech knowledge or not, don’t let that stop you from starting a career in cloud engineering.