How team engineering has shaped us all

Team Search screen shot crop

As part of their team engineering training, “Team Search” from our first software engineering cohort have been tasked with building the search functionality for a candidate management system, their capstone project. They reflect on what they have learned in the process.

When we started the course, we knew that we would have to learn to program using team engineering, working towards a shared objective.

To prepare us for this, we started by both programming individually and in pairs, as we learned how to pair program proficiently. Laying these early foundations was important as it not only helped us to engage with other members of our cohort but also drove us towards our end goal of an agile team project.

As “Team Search” our task was to produce a working search engine for the candidate management system. Although this may sound unimpressive for the uninitiated, it actually demands a lot of work behind the scenes. When we initially broke down the problem we were faced with, it appeared quite daunting. But once we got stuck in, with the encouragement and support of our team members, it gradually became less intimidating and the imposter syndrome lifted!

As we went through each day, we gathered more momentum and cohesion, transforming from four individuals into one collective unit. As synergy increased, tasks became easier and the workplace became even more enjoyable. We found ourselves in anticipation of starting the workday when we woke up. We’re glad this transformative journey isn’t over yet, as we still have so much to discover about team engineering and about ourselves.

“Team Search” – Jamie Packham, Josh James, Sophie Lyon, Zuzanna Ludzik