A journey of discovery

Photo of people trekking on a journey together

“Team Profile”, from our first cohort of software engineers, have been responsible for creating the search engine profiles, as part of their team engineering capstone project to build a candidate management system. This is their account of their progress so far.

As “Team Profile” we have been tasked with creating the candidate profiles and adding them to the search page, as part of the overall application management system. Involved in this is integrating front-end JavaScript design with back-end Java development, to create a full-stack application with get, push, post and delete requests running up and down the application.

Along with this we have been designing the layout for the entire project and communicating with the other project teams to make sure everything runs smoothly and consistently, so that the candidate management system will be finished on time.

We have learned more during the last couple of weeks doing this team engineering project than in any other module during our software engineering training. This project has pushed us to improve not only our knowledge, but our debugging skills and our approach to learning new content, in a huge way. Seeing how other people work in our team and getting their feedback on what we are doing and how to do things has definitely been instrumental in this learning.

Overall, the whole experience has been a very enjoyable, challenging and rewarding one.

“Team Profile” – Antony Mousinho, Aydan Awan, Marie Ndow, Petra Boldi