Teamwork makes the dream work

Photo of team hands

As part of their immersive software engineering training, “Team Pipeline” from our first software engineering cohort have been learning team engineering, working together in small teams to build a candidate management system for their capstone project. Here they reflect on their progress on the project and what they have learned.

As “Team Pipeline” we have worked on a variety of front-end and back-end features with the overall goal, as our team name suggests, to display a pipeline of progress for each applicant in the system, organised by application status.

The back-end work has involved working with Spring Boot‘s Java Persistence API and Flyway to create tables and associations for each applicant’s information and status and developing the users API endpoint. While the front-end work has been focused on using React to request data from the endpoint to create a user-friendly display of this information, so users can drag and drop cards that represent applicants into different columns that represent application status – and for that change to the status to be persisted to our database.

We are really proud of how we have been able to collaborate successfully with the other teams to produce a single working set-up, such as when we worked with both teams to talk about database schema changes, and with Team Profile when we added links from the pipeline to each applicant’s specific profile page. We have learnt a lot about how to work in development teams, using Kanban boards, scrum/sprint cycles with planning meetings, stand-ups and retrospections, and owning our work from picking up a ticket on Jira, test-driving it, and seeing it through CI/CD into production – all of which has given us a great foundation for our upcoming roles in industry.

“Team Pipeline” – Hanna Dawit, Lantana Ali, Lewis Bensted, Matt Fanning, Paulina Kozaczek, Safaa Abukar