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Simo Kubheka

Head of Compliance, Legal & Risk

Simo is the Head of Compliance, Legal & Risk at Digital Futures with responsibility for the effectiveness of our governance, policy and control framework, ensuring the group meets its obligations in each jurisdiction it operates and manages its short and long-term risks.

Simo has over 20+ years experience in the Human Capital and IT services sector where he has been responsible for the build out and management of several compliance, legal and risk management functions for leading multi-national organisations.

Simo has significant experience assisting businesses mature policy, governance and control frameworks to support periods of accelerated growth and to meet requirements of both private equity and public market investors.      

In addition to his experience in legal and compliance, Simo has held numerous senior management positions where he has played an instrumental role in the acquisition and restructuring of businesses across Europe, APAC and the Americas.

When Simo is not reading legal contracts, he loves spending time with his family and pushing his fitness to the next level. 

“The hardest things to do are almost always the easiest things to say”

Simo Kubheka, Head of Compliance, Legal & Risk

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