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Segun Balogun

Account Manager

As an Account Manager at Digital Futures, Segun focuses on cultivating and strengthening client relationships, addressing clients’ needs, and fostering growth opportunities for sustainable employment in the tech industry.

As a first-generation university student who has personally benefited from social mobility programmes and remains actively involved in mentoring, Segun’s passion for Digital Futures’ mission to create long-term employment opportunities for underrepresented individuals is deeply rooted in his own experiences. His commitment to inclusivity drives him to make a meaningful impact in this area.

Segun brings a wealth of experience from diverse fields including compliance, education, and the HTD industry, specialising in graduate recruitment and account management.

Outside work, he enjoys playing chess, traveling to new destinations, and maintaining an active lifestyle through weight training and Muay Thai. He also has a keen interest in expanding his knowledge through books on psychology, philosophy, and history.

You have power over your mind, not outside events. Realise this, and you will find strength.’

Marcus Aurelius
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